Welcome to pinsandparts.de

What is pinsandparts.de?

Pinsandparts.de is a website for pinball/flipper related small adverts. The adverts are fully free for anybody who is interested. The adverts are sent regularly to all registered users. The maschines and parts advertised are mainly to be found within the EU or Switzerland.

What do I need to do to recieve the newsletter?

To recieve the newsletter you must first register yourself here. We have two newletters for either the selling or buying of pinball/flipper maschines and parts - you can of course register for both newsletters. After registering you will be send a confirmation e-mail to to varify your registration. After you close the registration by clicking the link within the confirmation e-mail you will be automatically added to the mailing list.

How can I cancel the newsletter?

Within the newsletter is a link to stop the newsletter being sent to you anymore.

How can I place an advert?

After you have successfully registered here you can place your advert here - absoluteley free. The advert will then be sent with the next newsletter to all registered users. You will need to answer a few more data questions within the registry area for adverts to make it possible to establish contact with the registered users. The contact data will be displayed within the newsletter. Through registering you are allowing and giving permission to use your contact data within the newsletter. This process is for both newsletters necessary, each time you will recieve a confirmation e-mail. You will recieve access to the advert area fter confirming your e-mail address (link conformation).


The owner of this website accepts no responsibility for the goods sold. The purchase agreement is solely between the seller and the buyer. The operator accepts no responsibility for the condition of the equipment. For all the information within the adverts is the advertiser personally responsible.